Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why You Want Might to Reconsider Moving to Australia

Long ago, when John Howard was Prime Minister of Australia, I looked at Oz with a jealous eye.  They had good economic growth, low unemployment, balanced budgets, low debts, and sun.  A whooooole lot of sun.

But then I met Adam Piggott and I knew a report from an Agent in the Field was infinitely better than all the EIU, OECD, and IMF reports I'd read across the other side of the globe.  Which is interesting, because the man is leaving Australia for Europe.

Definitely worth the read if Oz was on your list of Plan B's for America as it's turned into a 2nd world diversity affirmative action circus.

The essay is almost done and writing will return to a normal schedule soon.

And So the Private Sector Experiment with Affirmative Action Ends

With expected results.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Curse Free Episode #20 of The Clarey Podcast

Women and the "Cold Shoulder" fad.
Don't kill your dates.
Millennials are going to millennial.
Baby Boomer journalists working fast food.
All male flights in the 1950's and 1960's.


In THIS CURSE FREE EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Arbeit Macht Frei

The one thing missing from this, otherwise great, article is how debt ensures you guys all suffer HR ditzes, sadistic bosses, and with smiles on your faces.

Oh well, remember, Schmoopsie Muffins needs her Range Rover to impress the other soccer moms at the coffee store and your lil' Princess just "NEEDS" to go to that $250,000 a year liberal arts college.

It's all worth it.

Die Radio Die!!!!

Awww, too bad.  Another dinosaur, gallbladder piece of the baby boomer economy going away.

I'll take that bit of your market, thank you very much NewsPaper/Radio/Television/Publishing industry.  And I sincerely hope all you ex journalists, television media and radio types frantically do your best to find a way to pay for your retirement these next 20 years. 

Hey, I hear the Huffington Post will let you work there for free!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Warm Fuzzy Story of the Day

Got a comment that deserved to be it's own post in response to "The Best Dating a Girl from Wyoming Story Ever Told.

Thank you for posting this. I went through the exact same bullshit with a hot, sexually talented, former cheerleader, raving fucking alcoholic I worked with. Her pattern was to show up at work drunk, get fired or quit in a huff, then latch onto a beta to live with while she " planned " her next move. I was that beta and did everything possible to keep her, including buying booze. The end came when she dumped me and went to live with a former boyfriend in California. The boyfriend died suddenly due to an overdose of methadone. She told me boyfriend was taking methadone for back pain? :-) :-) All of a sudden, she wanted me to fly her home and wanted to live with me, again. I had enough of this bullshit and told her " If you show up on my doorstep I will drive you to a family member's home and drop you off " She then moved in with her dead boyfriends best friend and convinced him to get engaged. She died suddenly at age 36, probably from liver failure. I went to the funeral and family members told me they had done everything to get her to quit drinking. Very sad as she was a highly talented writer and she killed herself and wasted her life.

My thoughts 16 years later? The sex was amazing but it was not worth the drama and upset. I am just glad I did not marry the flake or get AIDS. 

Know this and know this well young men.  The prettier a girl is, the easier the world has gone on her, to the point she is unable to support herself and only knows parasitism as a means to survival.  But while so many get out of jail free cards seem to give these girls a life of luxury, in the end, it condemns them to a hellish existence once her attitude becomes unbearable or her looks fade.

There is equality, equilibrium, and justice in all things.  You often times just don't see it.

Late Night Cappy

Had nearly a score of videos backed up, two of which may prove interesting listening.

1.  Ayn Rand is Basic Bitch Economics
2.  How Conservative Guys Can Bang Liberal Chicks

Saturday, April 22, 2017

You are a Fucking Idiot for Attending Law School

These liberal arts undergrads-turned law students are so stupid they're CRYING when in reality they should be thanking their lucky stars they're not going into debt anymore.


They're just so great and wonderful and they love the children.

Perhaps a little too much.

But it's OK, because they're teeeeeeaaacheeeeerrrrsss, the most preciously wonderful people on the planet!  And since they're leftists it's OK if they're child rapists and kidnappers.

Cover for the New Essay

Finally found the right font and layout I wanted for the new essay.  Once again, a reminder that it is an ESSAY, not a book as it is only about 40-50 pages.  Also, if you are already actively practicing minimalism and are aware of its benefits, this book will largely be a review, though a MUCH MORE THOROUGH application of using the love for your fellow man as a means by which to eliminate materialism in your life, and consequently therefore, drastically improving your finances.  Ergo, if you are interested in the philosophy of what's most important in life, yes, you will want to read it.  But if you've already attained this level of philosophy and understanding it will perhaps be merely entertaining.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Best Dating a Girl from Wyoming Story Ever Told

Cynical Libertarian has a podcast out, a story of which he tells is an absolute must, not just for the entertainment value, but the lessons to learn for young boys chasing beauty and not much else.  The story starts at 41:41 and unless you want your ire raised, I suggest you just skip ahead to that minute mark.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why Millennial Girls Should Date Gen X Men

We're stronger.
We make more money.
We have established careers.
And we don't live at home.

The irony is with every Millennial girl looking like Harley Quinn (and I don't mean that in a good way), I doubt any quality Gen X men are going to be up for the job of baby sitting and telling you to take that stupid ring out of your nose.

Oh well, enjoy the decline.

Broke Millennials Ordering $800 Bottle Service

Decided to crack down on the book and thusly have been spending many-a-late nights at various Perkins around St. Paul and not banging out stuff on the blog.  Also March and April have been record-setting months for Asshole Consulting (which on Tax Day celebrated it's 3rd year in business), which has also been taking an inordinate amount of time.

In the meantime if you'd kindly tune into the Pushing Rubber Downhill podcast wherein your kind Aussie host, Adam Piggott, will regale you with a tale about broke Millennials ordering $800 bottle service he'd appreciate it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Equal Rights, Equal Fights!

Welcome to Team Man, ladies!  You are truly equal now.

Episode #196 of the Clarey Podcast!

Clarey's a dick due to poverty, not choice.
Wells Fargo laughs at stupid Americans.
US womens soccer team 15 year old boys.
Australians bail out stupid liberal arts ditz.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Monday, April 17, 2017

How the Left Blew their Entire Racist Load

I have a Clandestine Agent in the Field, deeply embedded within the strongest stronghold of the American left - the public schools.

Though I won't say what s/he does or where s/he is, s/he said something the other day that gave me, even the ole pessimistic, Enjoy the Decline, Cappy, a bit of genuine hope and optimism.

"They're not swallowing it anymore.  They're not believing all this privilege and racist stuff."

When I pressed my agent for more information, s/he continue to explain that the left through their most ardent of acolytes - teachers - were so uniform, so omnipresent, so overbearing with the "white privilege," "racism," "sexism," 31 flavors of gender, that the kids (dumb as they might be) not only DON'T believe any of it, but are now mocking it and ridiculing it, much like Gen Xer's do today.

This gave me hope, and I think it should you too, on many levels.

One, in watching my and the Millennial generation of kids just swallow whole what tripe their teachers forced down their throats, I was sure these Gen Z'ers would prove no different.  Everybody showed how independent they were by regurgitating the same talking points as their teachers.  Everybody would show how independent minded they were by wearing salmon color jeans, perfectly groomed hair, piercing their noses and getting tattoos.  Everybody I knew voted Bill Clinton and went for the whole grunge thing.  And every Millennial is, well, just an amazing case study of conformity and sheeple behavior.  Why would Gen Z be any different?

While I still think Gen Z will succumb to the all-too-tempting offer of free everything from the left, the fact they're consciously identifying this racist/sexist propaganda for what it is - propaganda - AND making fun of it, means the teacher-left overplayed their hand on this one.  Not only does calling whites and males sexist and racist at the age of 10 immediately piss young kids off, it's too much and just so blatantly wrong the kids in a very South Parkian manner know the adults don't know jack.  So now, instead of getting whites and males to cower in fear of the accusation of racism or sexism like Millennials or Gen X'ers, you have an entire generation that scoffs at it and dismisses it.

Two, it's not just white and male students who make fun of this leftist lie that everybody is a racist or sexism, but minorities and females too.  This proves doubly troublesome for the left because not only have they lost the ability to shame whites and males into voting for reparative socialist policies, but they are losing an entire generation of female and non-white crops (and that's PRECISELY how they look at children) for future votes.  Again, it's a mere spring-time sprout, but the fact that black and white, hispanic and asian, male and female students are getting together and uniting over the idiocy of their leftist teachers' indoctrination, not only means this tool of the left is no longer effective, but simple adult behavior is uniting races than any race whoring or sexist mongering the left purposely forced on society.

Three, what would the left do without their vital tools of racism and sexism?  Imagine the left without these two vital tools at their disposal.  While after 20 years of a consistent cacophony of brainwashing from academia, media, and government, and 8 years of intensive anti-white and anti-male bigotry under the Obama administration, what if you imbued the American population with it so much, they built up a tolerance to it rendering them immune and vaccinated against it?

Right now it is laughable how the scaredy cat, spineless Gen X'ers, Baby Boomers, and Millennials will jump at the mere potential chance somebody maybe might accuse them of being a racist.  The left was COMPLETELY successful in getting three whole generations to see everything as race or sex, making them putty in their hands.  But now, if what my Agent in the Field reports is true and universal across US schools, the left will have to go back to mere class warfare and global warming since they overplayed their race/sex whore hand.

Again, I still think the US is in terminal decline.  Too many stupid people have been bred, and too many leftist sheep trained that one mere generation is not going to turn this country around.  It does, however, give me hope that a generation is on deck that may not have to live with the nation wide mental illness that the rest of the country has been infected with and had to live with these past 30 years.  Imagine if an entire generation grew up much like you and your friends did in the 80's with no consideration of race or sex.  Imagine if through simple genetic programmed self respect and self survival you knew when the adults were evil lying sacks of shit.  Imagine, if the group of friends you have today, which no doubt includes non-whites and women, where you guys can be completely open with each other and give each other ribibngs over your races and genders, is already embedded into Gen Z'ers today because they needed to unite against evil teachers with an agenda.  Instead of being like ESPN and masturbating over race everyday, kids today will actually enjoy watching the sport.  What would it be like to go an entire day, week, even year, without being lectured about race, sex, or gender because it truly doesn't matter?

Gen Z MAY be at that point, thanks to leftist teachers' overzealous forced feeding of hatred, sexism, and racism.  And like chicken pox, these kids may be vaccinated against this mental disorder of "Ist and Ism Fever" forever.
Visit Aaron's other cool sites to get your MUCH NEEDED dose of mental stimulation...and rage!
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You Will Worship the Bunny!

Worship it I tell you!!!!

But Who Would Want to Work for The New York Times?

No, seriously, who?  Because you can make more just running your own channel.  Heck, just use them as a platform to get a critical mass of followers and then strike out on your own.  Let them pay for those expensive buildings and the rents of their employees while you can just work from the comfort of your own home in Springfield, Illinois for a fraction of the cost.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Week of Hell

Howdy all, couple items,

1 - I got a deluge of Asshole Consulting requests.  So many in fact, I may have to wake up before...


I know, I know, I don't know what kind of country this is where you have to wake up before noon AND work 8 WHOLE HOURS A DAY, but apparently this is what electing Trump has gotten us.

Regardless, the podcast may be a bit late as will posts.

2.  High quality posts are being relegated to one a week because I'm also trying to finish my essay about revolutionizing the retirement system.  This, combined with the increase in Asshole Consulting has (in all honesty) pushed me over 60 hours a week.  Still, I have a growing collection of high quality posts accumulating, but will get to those after I get through this glut of work.

3.  I have inquired with several people about writing original pieces in my stead, notably a person of great intellect and writing ability who shall go unnamed.  Let's just say his last name starts with a "B" and ends with "echtloff."  Rumor has it he has a lot of free time, so hopefully he'll write something this week. ;P

4.  To top this all off, I've been experimenting with different platforms as a potential replacement for YouTube.  This week we will be using Daily Motion, but for all points and purposes, it sucks.  Certainly some pros and cons, but I'll be detailing my experiences with all the platforms in a much more detailed analysis-post/video.

5.  They've updated my Praxey site in case anybody needed to get in contact with me for "Emergency Asshole Consulting."  Couple people were inquiring, but yes, it is up and running.  You just need to install the app.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.  Cappy will return to regularly scheduled programming soon enough.