Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"National Millennial Day"

"With National Millennials Day, we want to turn the stereotypes inside--out.  To show that we're more GENERATION WE than Generation ME. To transform ideals into actions.  To inspire hope for the future.  To celebrate the most open-minded, connected, innovative, purpose-driven generation on the planet:  Millennials."

Because nothing says "selflessness" like demanding your own fucking national day.

Hat tip.

Episode #200 of The Clarey Podcast

No fucks given about the terrorist attack.
We are the top 10%.
IBM renegs on telecommuting deal.
Valedictorians don't excel in life.
"I want to change lives."


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Penises Cause Global Warming

It's sad when leftist academians don't pass the Turing Test.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Don't Let Corporate Profits Bother You

I have largely checked out of the realm of politics and finance.  Both entities/worlds are not controlled, nor influenced by me, but instead are determined by the unlimited sea of sheep, lemmings, and the politicians and corporate marketing shepherds that guide them into the slaughter house. This has turned politics, economics, finance, and in general, history, into a movie I watch, indifferent about the outcome, with no passion nor care about the characters.  This means most humans mean nothing to be, and so when they:

Buy a McMansion at the height of the housing bubble.
Investing in a dotcom in 1999.
Borrow $150,000 to major in a worthless subject
Volunteer at a refugee camp and get raped

and consequently have their lives ruined, I laugh at them because in my world they are merely non-sentient characters on the stage of life, all here for my entertainment.

So an article about IBM's stagnant revenues and profits prompting them to end their telecommuting policy, piqued my interest.  Was IBM having trouble?  Were their profits down?  I had no idea, I was too busy at the moment riding my motorcycle in the Black Hills to tune in.  But apparently it is true, IBM is having a bit of a tough time.  This then prompted me to research corporate profits overall and it seems it's the same movie being played at the "AMC CNCB Jim Cramer 25 Cineplex."

Corporate profits have indeed not only stagnated for IBM, but corporations overall.  Bar the oil price collapse of 1986 (which drove corporate profit growth to an all time low) the trailing 10 year average of corporate profits is at an all-time, post-1950's low:

I know the democrat/socialist movie directors want to tell you in this movie the economy has recovered and this is the new normal, but in the real world this does not bode well for the entire country and the millions of sheep who have been told to invest in the stock market via their 401k's, IRA's and 403b's.  I was hoping that with sclerotic corporate profit growth, corporate prices would be equally slow to grow, meaning they'd be cheap for the millions of Gen X'ers and Millennials who would like to also contribute to their retirement plans.  But alas, even after the 50% stock price crash in the S&P 500 during The Great Recession, stock prices have not only recovered to their pre-cash levels, but grew an extra 11% over what corporate profits warranted, making them EXTRA EXTRA pricey for millennial and Gen X sheep to buy.

This is on top of a longer and historically larger bubble where the stock market is essentially trading at twice the value it should be because of all the:

1.  Retirement dollars
2.  Low interest rate loan corporate buy back dollars
3.  Quantitative easing dollars

flooding the US stock market.

It is here I lose interest in the movie because I've seen this movie thrice before.  There was the "Housing Bubble" which came out in 2007 and starred Dick Fuld, Bernie Madoff, and Ben Bernanke.  There was "The Dotcom Bubble" which starred CNBC, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and a sea of idiot American sheeple.  And though most never bothered to view it, I did watch that old classic "The Tulip Bulb Bubble" starring the ENTIRE POPULATION OF HOLLAND.

All of them have the same plot.
All of them have the same outcome.
They are as boring, overdone, and scripted as the Fast and the Furious Series.

And just like the "Fast and the Furious" series promises to be the last one, they'll drag Vin Diesel's and Duane Johnson's ass out again and again and gain...

"for just one more time"
"because this is the last time"
"until the next time"
"for family"
"never again"
"until the next time"
"till I was never coming back"
"until we have to do it again"
"for the last time."

It won't be until the American sheeple actually learn from history, will they avoid these once-per-decade financial crises they inflict upon themselves.  Until that time, enjoy the show and enjoy the decline.
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

IBM and Female Boss' Hatred of Telecommuting

Meet one Michelle Peluso.

No engineering or programming experience.  BUT she DID work in the fashion industry and she has a degree from Wharton AND a rich daddy.

So she knows better than you stinky, nerdy, IBM geeks.

Friday, May 19, 2017

"College" vs. "Collage"

A little bit of help for college graduates...who don't know how to spell "COLLEGE"

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Curse Free (Sorta) Episode #23 of The Clarey Podcast!

Wearing velcro shoes in the 80's.
What happens to the losers post high school?
Harley riders are so cute.
Housing Bubble 2.0.
Marvel cancels racist comic.
Chris Connell who???


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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The Chris Cornell Test of Intelligence

If you are wondering if you're smart, but don't have the time to take an IQ test, consider instead the Chris Cornell. Test of Intelligence.

If you don't know who he is, and don't care that he died, congratulations, you're intelligent.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Robots Eliminating Need for HR

LinkedIn to replace HR.

Well that's one good thing about robots taking our jobs away.

Marvel Cancels Black Lives Matter Comic...Finally

Hmmmm...it's almost as if the kids (and adults) are getting their fill of forced-diversity at home, on TV, the media, politics, billboards, newspapers, books, and...well...just about every other place and don't want to see it in their recreational activities!

Putin Loves America More Than the Democrat Party

It's a sad day when a former KGB agent seems to like Americans more than their own democrat party.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Episode #198 of The Clarey Podcast

Panning for gold.
There are 2 black people in South Dakota.
Why Tim Allen doesn't need ABC.
Fuck you Mizzou!!!


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast

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Monday, May 15, 2017

White Hating University Lays Off 400 People

Awwww, too bad for Mizzou.  Remember how the inmates took over the prison?

"Iron Horse Heist"

Saw this painting in Deadwood and knew it was one of the few and rare luxuries I "must have."

Then I saw the price was $3,850, JUST FOR A PRINT!

It is now officially "one of the few and rare luxuries I must have...when I'm a billionaire."

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Yes, Berkeley "Haas" a Business School

The University of California Berkeley is a curious entity.  It is without a doubt the most leftist, anti-free speech, anti-freedom college in the United States.  It generates, at best, worthless liberal arts graduates, and more typically, damaging ones who will be net parasites on society.  Yet, at the same time, it has highly-ranked, highly-legitimate STEM programs, producing engineers, scientists, and other productive members of society.  But while this odd square peg is rounded with a universal indoctrination of leftist politics (all their scientists/STEM graduates are just as easily brainwashed as the liberal arts majors), I was shocked to find out Berkeley has a business school.

Yes, an actual business school replete with MBA program and all.

It's called the "Haas Business School" and is ranked surprisingly highly in both undergraduate and MBA programs.

This completely flummoxed me because there was just no way to reconcile Berkeley's anti-progress, anti-capitalism, anti-production environment with that of a highly ranked business school.  Alas there it was, in all of it's business schooly glory, punching in the weight class with Wharton and the U of Chicago.

So out of morbid curiosity I just had to look up what the class requirements are to earn a degree from the "prestigious" Haas School of Business, and what I found was not surprising at all.

First, like all colleges, the Haas School of Business does not make it easy, clear cut, or obvious what you need to graduate.  Despite my best efforts to take the minimum number of courses to graduate from college, I too took one unnecessary class.  I believe schools make it this complicated on purpose so that they can eek out those couple extra thousand dollars from their students.

Second, what also stood out was Haas' insistence you take 7 "breadth" classes, one each from the following categories:

Arts and Literature
Biological Science
Historical Studies
International Studies
Philosophy and Values
Physical Science
Social and Behavioral Sciences

You can look up the individual lists from the link above, but all are chock full of worthless, liberal arts pre-requisites that, once again, only exist for two reasons.  1) to serve as an employment vehicle for Berkeley graduate students in the worthless liberal arts.  2) to brainwash you into leftist politics that has nothing to do (even everything antithetical) to business.  All under the hypocritical lie that you need to be "well rounded."

Third, was the "core" group of business classes every business major, regardless of specialty, has to take.  This includes 10 "basic bitch" classes such as "micro-economics" (because your high school class I guess wasn't good enough), "business communications" (which is surprisingly like all communications), "marketing" ("gotta spend money to make money!"), and two complete throw-away classes "Leadership" (because I'm going to let a 22 year old leftist moron lead my company) and "The Social, Political, and Ethical Environment of Business" (more leftist brainwashing from a professor who never worked in the real world of business).

You would think this would be enough in academic-indulgences-bribery money to satiate and keep employed Bekerley's ranks of worthless professors,theoreticians, and academians, but it's not, because the University of Berkeley also has some class requirements of all their graduates, regardless of their college and degree.  Like all graduation requirements, they don't go into detail, hoping to get you to sign up for 3, 4, 7 classes you don't need, but they fall into three categories.

"American History"
"American Institutions"
"American Culture"

These requirements are likely nothing more than additional and unneeded, rank leftist propaganda, but even if not, they certainly have nothing to do with business.

Fifth, you need 12 "upper division, non business units" to graduate from the "prestigious" Haas Business School.  What they are, again, they don't clearly say, but they EXPLICITLY tell you it CAN'T be business.  Making me (and the students no doubt) wonder how much better a business major they could have been if they were allowed to...oh, I don't know...STUDY WHAT THEY WANT WITH THOSE EXTRA 12 CREDITS???

And then finally, the numbers.

They just don't add up.

Though I could be wrong, the best I could suss it out, your average Haas Business School student will take, in total, 65 BUSINESS credits.  Only 38 of which will be in their particular major (finance, marketing, HR, etc.).  This is out of a TOTAL REQUIRED CREDITS of 120 to graduate.

So let's do some math that I think even Haas Business School students can understand.

When you go to the Haas School of Business, only 54% of the classes you take will have anything to do with business.  And when you really look at it, only 32%, LESS THAN ONE THIRD of the classes you take will have anything to do with you major.

Translated another way, 2/3rds of your tuition money and time is spent on crap you never wanted to study and (in my humble opinion) is nothing more than a money grab from Big Education that makes the mafia's insurance plan look fair.

Of course, this is not just the Haas School of Business, but nearly every business school, and nearly every college in America.  The majority of classes college students take have nothing to do with their major, and everything to do with enriching the life-long-academian class.  The first and foremost purpose of higher education is NOT to educate "the future" but to get you to endebt yourself, often times to the tune of $100,000, all so Big Education can make almost as much money on you as the mortgage industry. 

The real question is why is it taking Americans, especially the youth, so long to see this scam for what it is?  I understand that we are now forcing all of our (precious) youth into indentured financial servitude because the Bachelors Degree is the new High School Diploma.  I know millions of baby boomer and Gen X'er parents are naive about the realities of higher education, unconsciously brainwashing their children that "they MUST ALL GO TO COLLEGE."  But when do you sheep wake up and realize a college "degree" that only gives you a third of the education you need/want with a price tag of $100,000 and 4 years of your youth is a racket, not to mention, the primary cause of all future millennial financial problems?

I used to want to do the right thing and sound the alarm, toll the bells, and try to warn Americans about the financial risks of pursuing worthless degrees.  But instead I (or anybody else) who tries to warn people about this are greeting with hostility, accusations of "ruining dreams," or just being "ignorant" (a favorite accusation of 19 year old self-described "independent minded people").  Throw in the fact these lemmings continue to keep running off the cliff, I not only find myself wanting to enjoy the decline, but actually am sadistically starting to enjoy watching the carnage.

For example, just two months ago the clerk checking me out at the grocery store unsolicitedly lamented to me about the election of Donald Trump.  I asked him what he was going to major in, and he said, "theater."  With a straight face that would win the World Series of Poker I told him,

"Look kid, I know you think just getting that bachelors in theater is going to help, but nowadays you REALLY need to get a doctorate if you want to be successful."

Because, you know, I don't want to get in the way of anybody's dreams.
Aaron Clarey is a mean, bitter old man who likes to destroy young people's dreams and kick puppies. He does this because he is evil.  If you'd like to read some of his evil works consider buying "Worthless: The Young Person's Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major" and "Poor Richard's Retirement: Retirement for Everyday Americans."  Both are full of mean, hurtful things like "facts" and "numbers" and are guaranteed to hurt your feels, trigger you, and send you into a campus safe space.  You may also hire him for a personal consultation at his company Asshole Consulting.

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